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     1= `[DM] - 5 Gents Hacienda` =
     3Discussion: [ here in the forum]
     5'''Revision:''' 8
     7'''Licence:''' CC BY-NC-SA
     11'''Download:''' [attachment:5Gents-Rev.8.rar]
     13'''Historic Manure:'''
     15The 5 Señores Hacienda (I translated it to 5 Gents Hacienda, not entirely accurate) has more of 4 centuries of history, part of a big miner complex along with it's counterparts Santa Brigida and Triangulo haciendas, located in the Guanajuato state, Mexico, now abandoned it's renowned by its "paranormal activity", it's said that it once harbored more than a million miners many of which had mysterious "deaths".
     19'''Map Details:'''
     21 * Bot friendly
     22 * Good for 6+ players
     23 * PK3 ready (just copy to "Smokin' Guns/smokinguns/" and you are ready to go!)
     24 * Includes dev files (maps/textures/scripts and so, for those who feel like mapping)
     25 * Hi-Res lightmaps (may cause weird lightning glitches, depends on your hardware based on my tests)
     26 * 2 modes included (2 different maps)
     27 * Cash mode (only cash spawns in the map, classic SG)
     28 * Weapon mode (only weapons spawn in the map, no cash).
     30'''Tech Details:'''
     32 * 18+ new textures made by me (some are from SG slightly modified)
     33 * It took me aprox. 13 mapping hours, 4+ research hour and 2+ design hour
     34 * Compile time 4min aprox.
     36Took me quite a lot of time due to experimentation with the Hi-Res lightmaps.
     37(Worked great on my pc, but there are some glitches depending on your hardware,
     38if somehow its unplayable for you let me know, ill upload a normally compiled version)