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     1= Introduction =
     2This wiki aims to explain how to create a LAN server via the user interface of the game. Do not expect to be able to create a server where players from all over the world could connect if you are in a local network with some NAT technologies behind. If you absolutely want to try this, you may need to have an extra look on port forwarding in your wifi emitter, router or modem.
     4= Content =
     5* Creating the server
     6* Connecting to the local server
     8== Creating the server ==
     9From the main menu of the game, just do:
     101. Click on multiplayer and select "Create"
     112. Set the option as you want (Gametype, map, bots, hostname, etc.)
     123. Click on the left bottom bullet to start the server
     14== Connecting to the local server ==
     151. Click on multiplayer and select "Join"
     162. As a source, select the "Local" filter and click on "Get New List"
     173. You would normally have 2 lines that would pop in the list (it is not dramatic if you only have one line). One is for a classic IPv4 connection and the other mentioning UDP6 is for IPv6. Try to get the second one and connect like any other normal server.
     19That's all, have fun playing in LAN!
     20Notice that when the player who created the server will disconnect, the server will close and the other players will freeze or timeout.