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    I used models quite extensively in my maps. It is much easier to rotate and scale models in comparision to "normal" brushwork. Basically, there are two groups of models: those used in Sweetwater? and older versions. The source files for both are attached to this page. You would need to create an ase-model out of the map files before you can use them in your maps. Alternatively, you can simply extract the existing ase-models from the sg-packapge. However, you won't be able to change those easily. Jump to the forum thread in case you have questions.

    Sweetwater? Models

    These are models used in Sweetwater?. Almost all of them are based on older models that have been re-textured with better textures. They will only work properly if you also have the Sweetwater? map in your search directory. Otherwise the textures won't load.

    anvilaxe (picture is with stump)barrelcounterbench (picture includes table)
    no pic here

    Older Models

    This is an overview of older models that were mostly created for Newtown and Dawnfort.

    5crateammoA pile of 5 ammocrates.
    ammocrateAn ammocrate. Used in almost all maps.
    axeNewer version available in the Sweetwater package.
    bed001 to bed 003Various beds.
    bluecoachThe standard blue coach also found in canon maps.
    brokenammocrateA broken ammo crate.
    bunchofsmallcratesMultiple small crates.
    bush001 to bush002Various bushes.
    cactus001 to cactus003Various cactae. Newer versions available in the Sweetwater package.
    cannonCannon model used in Dawnfort.
    cannon_bodyCannon body.
    cannon_partsSome parts of the cannon.
    cannonpipeCannon pipe only.
    cantileverThe crane used in the tunnels in Newtown.
    cantilever_armThe arm only.
    cartThe standard cart used in canon maps.
    cart_with_cannonCombined model, cart with canvas from the canon maps plus my cannon model. Used in the yard in Dawnfort.
    cartwithcanvasStandard cart with canvas from the canon maps.
    chair001 to chair005Various chairs.
    craneA crane thingy. Used in Dawnfort.
    crane_hook_with_boxA hook with an ammocrate. Can be combined with the crane. Used in Dawnfort.
    crane_hook_with_lorryA hook with a small lorry. Can be combined with the crane. Used in Newtown.
    crane_hook_with_materialA hook with some wooden planks and a windowframe. Can be combined with the crane. Used in Newtown.
    crane002Another version of the crane. Looks weird.
    dawnfort_fortdoorThe door of the fort in Dawnfort.
    fortdoorThe door of the fort in Dawnfort. A duplicate I believe.
    lorry001 to lorry005Various lorries used in Newtown (also broken ones).
    lorryboxThe box of the lorries.
    lorryhandleThe handle.
    newtown_doorframeThe doorframe used in Newtown.
    newtown_windowframeThe windowfram used in Newtown.
    pickaxeA pickaxe. A newer version is available in the Sweetwater package.
    railwaystopperThe stopper used in Newtown.
    rocking_chairA rocking chair. An updated version is available in the Sweetwater package.
    shelf001 to shelf009Various shelfs with boxes, some fallen over etc.
    sledgehammerWell, a sledgehammer.
    smalltrainThe small train thingy used in Newtown. Looks weird.
    stump_with_axeThe famous tree stump with an axe. Newer version available in Sweetwater package.
    table_with_chairs001Well, exactly that :)
    table_with_chairs002Well, exactly that :)
    table001 to table 003Various tables
    torch_sockThe torch model used in Newtown.
    torch_sock_largeThe torch model used in Newtown.
    torchflame_sockThe torch flame only. Used in Newtown.
    wheelA cartwheel.
    woodenchuteWooden "gold digger" chute used in Newtown.
    woodenfenceWooden fence used in Newtown.

    License and sources

    The models are released now under CC BY-SA 4.0 and may be used accordingly:

    Breli's Sweetwater Models Package
    Breli's Legacy Models Package

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