[DM] - Mulege Prison

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Historic Manure:

The Mulege Prison (Pronounced Moo-Leh-Heh) was built by soldiers and local residents under the direction of Captain Arturo Alvarez in 1906. The prison served as a territorial penitentiary housing prisoners from La Paz, Loreto, and Constitucion up until its closure in 1975. Prisoners with lesser infractions were released from the jail at 6:00 am to work odd jobs in order to pay for their clothes, a cot, and blankets. They were called back to their cells at 6:00 pm by the blow of a conch shell. In actuality the prison is used as a museum.

Map Details:

  • Bot friendly (I tried to optimize it as good as I could, so bots can't get stuck and run around in circles, there is still bugs to fix)
  • Good for 8+ players (as a suggestion this map should be played with 8+ players/bots)
  • PK3 ready (just copy to "Smokin' Guns/smokinguns/" and you are ready to go!)
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