[DM] - WhiteSand Hideout

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Revision: 12


Download: WhiteSandH-Rev12.rar

Historic Manure:

None!, this map is the by-product of a "mysterious cowboy weed" cigar.

Map Details:

  • Bot Friendly
  • Good for 5+ players
  • PK3 Ready (Just copy to "Smokin' Guns/smokinguns/" and you are ready to go!)
  • Includes Dev Files (.map/textures/scripts and so, for those who feel like mapping)
  • Hi-Res Lightmaps (May cause weird lightning glitches, depends on your hardware based on my tests.)
  • 2 Modes Included (2 different maps).
  • Cash Mode (Only cash spawns in the map, classic SG)
  • Weapon Mode (Only weapons spawn in the map, no cash).

Tech Details:

  • Some new textures made by me (Some are from SG slightly modified).
  • It took me Aprox. 15 mapping hours and 2+ design hours.
  • Compile time 8min Aprox.
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