Breli's Nightfort Map


    • History and concept: Nightfort was the first map that I created for Smokin' Guns respectively Western Quake back in the day. The setting was a fort at night. I had no plan of the general layout or any concept/idea for the map. I was more or less inventing it while I learned how to use GtkRadiant?.
    • My own review: Consequently, it had more flaws than merits. The brushwork was somewhat crude and the overall theme did not fit the western topic well. Thus, the team ultimately decided to exclude it from the first standalone release. The map was not that bad gameplay wise though. It allowed for fast shotouts, some secretive sneaking and provided numerous escape routes.
    • Map facts:
      • Gamemodes: DM, TDM and RTP only
      • Release year: 2005 (possibly)
      • Bot support: Yes
      • Size and brush complexity: 2803 brushes and 178 entities


    License and sources

    I had lost the original map file. Thankfully, BartCH recovered it and adapted it to suit the new file structure of Smokin' Guns. It is released now under CC BY-SA 4.0 and may be used accordingly:

    Nightfort source file

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