[DM]Gray Stallion Manor

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Licence: CC BY-NC-SA

Download: dm_gstallion.pk3

Historic Manure:

None!, but I took some structural/appearance references from "Peon Contreras Theater" in Yucatan, Mexico.

Map Details:

  • Bot Friendly (optimized to avoid erratic bot behavior).
  • Good for 8+ players
  • PK3 Ready (just copy to "Smokin' Guns/smokinguns/" and you are ready to go!)
  • Includes dev Files (maps/textures/scripts and so, for those who feel like mapping)
  • Hi-Res lightmaps (may cause weird lightning glitches, depends on your hardware based on my tests)
  • 2 modes included (2 different maps)
  • Cash mode (only cash spawns in the map, classic SG)
  • Weapon mode (only weapons spawn in the map, no cash)

Tech Details:

  • Many new textures made by me (some from Joey/SG staff slightly modified)
  • Some new ASE models made by me
  • It took me aprox. 22 mapping hours and 4+ design hours
  • Compile time 12min aprox

Notes and manure:

This map ended up way bigger than I planed it to be (gameplay-wise) so I suggest as much bots or players as you can. Regarding FPS, I cannot tell, since im running a low-mid range pc (4Ghz X2,HD5770), I really can't low my FPS and debug/optimize FPS-wise, if it turns out to be low FPS for someone let me know, I'll try to re-optimize as much as I can. Packed with rar5! (allegedly a new compression method), Use version 5 or higher of winrar to avoid any problems.

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