Death Valley Mine

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br_DeathValleyMine is what you get when you combine 5 years of brain-storming with 5 years of practice. I actually started this map around the same time I started NoNameCity?. I quickly learned that I didn't have the skill to compete it, so I moved onto Lago and ComancheCanyon?.

The map is completely underground and will include two br maps: standard and mirrored; a DM version may also be included. The standard map, the robbers must descend into the mine, rob the gold, and then take the mine-lift out of the mines. In the mirrored map, robbers must fight uphill to reach the top of the mines to get the gold.

The mine tunnels will include such hazards as: collapsing tunnels, dynamite blasts, floored tunnels, and hidden tunnels. Of course, the defenders are considerable dangerous too!

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