This wiki page aims to represent some of the most used commands on a Smokin' Guns server.


  • Some rcon softwares
  • Commands

Some rcon softwares

Here is a small list of the commonly used rcon softwares to send some command to the server:

Another software called QStat website (multi-os) might be useful to make some basic queries on any server.


If you want to see more details about all the commands, just have a look inside server.cfg and any other server_*.cfg files. You can also have a look into the ChangeLog of the game on GitHub

  • rconPassword <password>

Specify the rcon (mostly used when an admin is playing).

  • g_banIPs

Show the current bans.

  • addIP <ip>

Add an IP to the banlist.

  • removeIP <ip>

Remove an IP from the banlist.

  • status

Show the current player connected on the server with their current id, score, ping, name and IP. Example:

  • clientID

Show the current connected players with their ID, IP address, GUID and name.

  • clientStatus

Show a list of the connected players with their ID, name, IP, GUID and ping.

  • playerStatus

Show a list of the connected players with their ID, name, score, kill count, team-kill count, self-kill count, rob count, health, amount of money, team, time and if muted or not.

  • dumpUser <playerName>

Get more infos about a player.

  • popOneLog

Pop one line out of the minilog.

  • popLog

Pop all lines out of the minilog.

  • mute <id>

Mute a player from its ID. The player's chat will firstly be "(muted)" and if the player is muted a second time. Nothing will appear in the chat.

  • unmute <id>

Unmute a player from its ID.

  • say <message>

Say as message as "console"

  • cp <text>

Display a big text to all connected players on the server.

  • clientKick <id>

Kick a player according to his ID number.

  • kickNum <id> <reason>

Kick a player from its ID with a possibly given reason.

  • g_allowVote <0/1>

Toggle on and off the in-game voting system.

  • g_voteMinLevelTime <time>

Minimum time between two votes on the server.

  • g_voteDelay <time>

Minimum time between a player can call two votes.

  • g_maxVote <amount>

Maximum number of vote a player can call.

  • forceTeam <playerName> <team>

Force a player to join a specified team. Teams are: red, blue, redspec, bluespec and s (for spectator).

  • forceTeamNum <num> <team>

Force a player ID to join a certain team, like specified in forceTeam.

  • g_friendlyFire <0/1>

Toggle the friendly fire.

  • g_maxTeamKills <amount>

Maximum amount of teamkill a player can make. (0 means disabled)

  • g_teamKillsForgetTime <seconds>

Time elapsed for the teamkill count to be reset.

  • g_teamKillsCheckTime <seconds>

Time between two teamkill checks.

  • giveItem <id> <item>

Give a specified item to one player's ID.

  • giveMoney <id> <amount>

Give a certain amount of money to a player's ID.

  • g_maxMoney <amount>

Maximum amount of money a player can earn.

  • g_bulletDamageMode <0/1>

Use the old shooting system on SG 1.0 (0) or the new tunable one (1).

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